Manufacturer of machines for use in the marble and granite industries for 1976, MASCANZONI SNC provides firms in all the world with its machines. A favourable position in the Verona’s marble area makes possible the daily contact with the productive reality of the sector and so the comprehension of the productive logics and the requirements in this field: the result is an unique and certain professionality. The competence and the experience make of MASCANZONI SNC a reference point for the repairs and the commerce of machines for the cut and the polishing of all the marble, granite varieties and natural stone. An equipped Workshop and trained techinicians make possible to realise customised modifications.
OFFICINA MECCANICA MASCANZONI SNC sells its machines in all the world interacting with a substantial variety of markets. Nearly in every nation is present one of our machines.
Thanks to this prestigious result our firm acts with competence on the different markets.